Happy Halloween!

No creative homemade costumes here, but E and S were so excited to be their favorite characters Rapunzel and Lightning McQueen.  E decided she wanted to be Rapunzel when she cut off her hair at the end of the movie.  Like the frying pan?  That’s what she used to collect her candy!  I keep wondering though, why does Lightning McQueen race car driver have muscles? Oh well,  it did keep him warm.  We had a work Halloween party, church trunk or treat, and neighborhood trick or treating and WAY too much candy!

We went to a few houses on our street and then headed over to West Club Blvd where the good trick or treating was.  It was pretty cold out but we had fun seeing all the decorated houses and costumes.  S even found a Lightning McQueen twinner.  We only had two trick or treaters come to our house (granted we were out most of the night) and they were adults. Gotta love Durham.

Rapunzel and Lightning McQueen with a black eye (one of his friends wacked him with a toy)

Rapunzel with her frying pan!


Church Trunk or Treat.  (J was MC at the costume contest and had everyone dying of laughter.  So many people came up to me and told me he was the best MC they’ve had in years!)

I got a little lazy when it came to decorating our car!  But hey, the kids still liked the candy.


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I started a small preschool co-0p with some ladies from church/area and we’ve had so much fun already.  I look forward to planning fun activities and lessons.  Here are some pics from our last lesson at our house on Fire saftey.  Check out the fire truck E painted!

D is for Dishes!

Science: exploring waterproof materials

Driving the fire truck

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North Carolina Highlights

Since moving to North Carolina this summer we’ve enjoyed some fun adventures exploring.  Here’s just a few:

Eno River – Few’s Ford

Myrtle Beach SC

Duke Gardens

American Tabacco Campus/McKinney (J’s employer)

Durham Bulls Game


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Numero Tres!

12 weeks along! (the ultrasound was from 9 weeks).  Don’t you love seeing the little peanut’s arm and leg buds?  We are super excited to meet this little one around December 28th.  E asks every day how many more days until Christmas (because that’s when I told her the baby will come)

We are so excited that my brother McKay and his wife Julia are pregnant with their first and due only 6 days after me!  Yeah for cousins!


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S’s 2nd Birthday

I have to admit I didn’t plan much for S’s 2nd birthday.  All my plans got thrown to the side once we found out we were moving to Raleigh, NC and it’s been a whirlwind of looking for a place to rent, getting our own apartment rented out, starting to pack, and J finishing up finals.

On S’s birthday we were in Durham, NC (just outside of Raleigh) looking for housing which is about the most miserable birthday anyone could wish on a 2 year old.  But, the last house we looked at that day ended up being “the one” and we celebrated by going to the park just down the street which miraculously was under construction.  This may seem like a bad thing, but for a 2 year old who idolizes trucks, machines, anything with an engine it was a dream come true.  There were dump trucks, motor graders, bobcats, and excavators just sitting there begging for a small boy to drive them.

We also took him out for pancakes (his favorite meal) and had a little birthday cake and ice cream with friends.  And despite all the non-planning it ended up being so much fun.  We are so grateful to have such a kissable boy in our life.  Happy Birthday S!Driving the Motor Grader

Checkin out the Excavator

His face when we started pulling him off the motor grader

Stylin’ big sister E

Riding the giant “tongue” slide


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Linen Eye Candy…

You’ll see a new little link on the top right of the blog for DesignMoxy – my new shop at Etsy.com selling Tablecloths!

So yes, I’m doing a little plug for myself here.  I just started a little adventure sewing tablecloths just to see what kind of interest I could drum up… and being starving students, it’s a great past time for a stay at home mom.

Why tablecloths?  Our own dining table was used when we received it and seven years later we’re still using it.  Needless to say, it needed to be hidden beneath something a little more tasteful.  Unfortunately, when I started looking I couldn’t find much out there, and what I did find was way overpriced.  So I decided to sew a couple.

That’s when I kind of got addicted to making these tablecloths, and started imagining a world full of beautiful linens.  So I decided to spread the love and offer a few tablecloths to the world to feed my small addiction.  I only have a few on the site but I’m working on a few more.  Stay tuned.

This is in celebration of my first sale on Etsy.com.  So check it out and since I’m still new at this I’d love your comments and suggestions!

P.S.  Custom is always available – just let me know!

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My True Loves

Here are just a few things I love as I thought appropriate for Valentines day!  Charity Brown was over at our house and managed to capture a couple of sweet moments.  I’d love to have her do session with our family sometime!  You can check her out here.


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